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The return policy and satisfaction guarantee is a SCAM! I ordered a Bowflex/ Nautilus treadclimber and spent nearly $3500.

After several repair attempts due to an annoying clicking on the belts, the repairman said it was a known problem and most of the machines he's worked on exhibit the same issue. So well within my right to return the machine under their return policy and satisfaction guaranteed, I found out that there is no customer service mechanism or process in place for the consumer to ship the item back to the company without being charged a ridiculous freight charge. I had to shop around and found the average shipping would have cost me anywhere from $3000-$4000!!!! That is more than the machine.

Bowflex said they ship to customer with their commercial carriers but customers cannot use their vendors and there is no special pricing for customers. So in a nutshell, once you place an order and receive defective equipment, you are essentially forced to keep the equipment because you can't afford the return shipping. RIDICULOUS and it should be against some consumer law. It's not good business and you are never warned during the SALE process, of course.

So my advice to anyone considering buying from this company- DO NOT BUY FROM BOWFLEX unless you own a shipping company. For those who don't heed my warning, try USHIP.COM- you can at least negotiate pricing to return the item. I returned the treadclimber at a loss and contested it with the credit card company and Consumer Affairs. Next time, I will file an addition complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I suggest visiting a local retailer, or go to this company for your fitness equipment needs .

I had an excellent experience with Fitness Shack and the customer service is top notch. Good luck.

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I wish I would have read this before I bought my piece of *** now it's going to cost me $200 to send it back after I cancel the order they still sent it three days later I come home and it's sitting on my front porch I called up FedEx and told them I didn't order this take it back they said they can't now I'm stuck returning the piece of *** Bowflex you are a joke

Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia #670762

Hi, what a painful experience bought a bowflex extreme SE machine from the tvsn .... When box arrived the leg curl bar piece was missing although the foam pads where there. So you ring them and of course you cant get to speak to someone about it straight away they have to call you back - BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE ... Tvsn !!!! We waited and waited and waited no return call. Rang again still cant speak to someone directly and have to wait again about frustration setting in !!

Finally three days after the last call someone rings us and we explain in detail via the manual what the issue was . They say they are going to send out a replacement part

Big box arrives with all parts ( except the body frame) and guess what ?? Still no leg curl bar :( we ring again guess what ?? we have to wait for a return call by this stage I blow my top and get very agro :upset and say I'm not going to wait for a call back i want to talk to the complaints department or the call centre manager i get told " sorry i cant do that" are you kidding me???? I said i want a call back immediately as I'm not waiting a week. Finally someone else rings me straight back.... I tell them numerous times again ( they have no idea what I'm talking about ) finally after haggling i get to talk to a product manager who tells me ' umm sorry we don't really do separate replacement parts". I said your company is wasting money by not doing so .... I don't want 6 million pieces I just want the tiny bar " and also I better not receive notification of payments being deducted yet " he says " no you wont be paying for it till its fixed" . Ok well guess what we waited ... Nothing happens we ring again very angry and they just hang up on us..... To date still no part and yesterday I check my bank account and they have taken a double payment ..So I will be making a formal complaint to the NSW department of fair trading as this process has been going on for well over three months now .

For any company considering having their product sold through this company will want to rethink their selling structure because they are *** . Bowflex and TVSN suck !!!!


We have just spent 3 hours trying to assemble this machine. We got to almost the last step and it's locked up and we cannot finish it.

It's very, very difficult and there's no assistance. Telling the customer to watch some videos over and over or call a company that assembles them for another $219.00 charge, is garbage. Do not buy this machine unless you enjoy spending hours tinkering and lifting very heavy equipment.

Their tone after the sale is very discourteous. :(

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